About Us

Malzeard Road Medical Centre is a partly purpose-built surgery, constructed of brick and slate in the 1980s.

It has two storeys and parking is available for patients, the entrance also provides easy access for disabled patients. More than 8,641 patients are registered at the practice.

    • We aim to ensure high quality, safe and effective services and
    • To deliver monitored, reviewed and frequently improving healthcare
    • To provide healthcare which is obtainable to a whole population and
      create a partnership between patient and health profession which
      ensures mutual respect, holistic care and continuous learning and
    • The provision of accessible healthcare which is proactive to healthcare
      changes, efficiency and improvement and development.
    • To improve Clinical Governance and Evidence Based Practice
    • To improve Clinical and Non-clinical risk management
    • To reduce risk in specific clinical risk areas and facilities
    • To improve environment and capacity
    • To improve vigilance for unforeseen emergencies
    • To optimise performance against key targets and core standards
    • To become a patient centred organisation
    • To improve services offered to patients
    • To improve communication between the surgery and the patients
    • To recruit, retain and develop a highly motivated and appropriately
      skilled workforce
    • To develop performance of the workforce
    • To ensure effective management and governance systems
    • To ensure a robust Information Technology policy to support the
      business of Malzeard Road Medical Centre

Hygiene/Infection Control

Our premises are cleaned daily in accordance with national guidelines, but patients also have a duty to act responsibly by not depositing litter (especially chewing gum) other than in the receptacles provided as this can cause accidents and breed disease.

Child Patients, or other children, should be kept under reasonable control and not allowed to go upstairs or annoy other people.  If they do use the toys provided, these should be tidied or packed away after use as clutter can cause accidents.

Friends and family are welcome to accompany patients to the surgery though this should be restricted to a maximum of two people unless in exceptional circumstances.